The coast of Maratea is bordered to the north by the Canale di Mezzanotte and to the south by the river Noce. Enclosed in this stretch of coast, you can admire 29 beaches. Not all of them are directly accessible from land, for many of them it will be necessary to get there by sea!

Beaches di Acquafredda

The first hamlet of Maratea, coming from the north, is that of Acquafredda. Here you can visit 8 beaches:

  • Cala di Mezzanotte:

    It is the northernmost beach of Maratea and is located at the foot of the Canale Di Mezzanotte that separates Campania from Basilicata.

    The beach can only be reached from the sea.

  • Spiaggia Dei Crivi: It is located at the foot of the Torre dei Crivi, the first Saracen tower that is encountered in Maratea coming from the north.

    The beach can only be reached from the sea

  • Spiaggia Di Anginarra: It is one of the largest beaches in Maratea. Consisting of over 200 meters of shore, it is located at the foot of a rocky wall. It can be easily reached on foot or by car and has a large parking area. There are various beach resorts.
  • Spiaggia Della Luppa: Luppa Beach represents the natural continuation of the Anginarra beach. The two are separated by a small chain of rocks. At its southern end stands the rock on which Villa Nitti is located, the residence of the former Italian politician. There are various beach resorts.

  • Spiaggetta Grotta Della Scala: It is located under Villa Nitti and is, like other beaches on the coast, the result of the post-site of the waste materials of the construction of the railway line. It is located near the Acquafredda train station and is easily accessible.
  • Spiaggetta del Porticello: The small beach “Portacquafridda”, also known as “Del Porticello”, represents a sort of natural harbor. Very protected from the currents, it also represents a piece of our history as it was the scene of the landing of the carbonaro Costabile Carducci who was captured and killed in Acquafredda.

  • Spiaggetta Di Pietre Cadenti: The beach, although accessible from the ground, is particularly difficult to reach. It is located at the foot of a rocky ridge that occasionally drops a few stones. Hence the name. There are no beach resort.

  • Spiaggetta della Marizza: It is the last beach of the Acquafredda hamlet. It is located near a source of fresh water. It is also known as the Monaca beach. This beach is also difficult to access. There are no beach resort.

Beaches Of Cersuta

Going to south after Acquafredda, we arrive at our hamlet. We are in Cersuta and right here is the

  • Rena D’U Nastru: According to a 2015 Legambiente survey, Cersuta beach was voted the second most beautiful beach in Italy. It takes its name from the conveyor belt that unloaded the waste materials during the construction of the railway in 1894. At the moment it is very difficult to reach on foot, we recommend, to those who have the opportunity, to get there by sea.

Beach Of Fiumicello

After Cersuta we arrive in Fiumicello where we find one of the most popular beaches on our coast.

  • Spiaggia Di Fiumicello: The beach is divided in two by the Fiumicello stream from which it takes its name. Near the beach there are the Fiumicello Caves where remains dating back to the Paleolithic have been found. Equipped with ample parking.

There are beach resort

Spiagge Zona Porto

Anche la zona del porto di Maratea vanta delle spiagge davvero caratteristiche.

  • Cala Tunnara:Also known as Maremorto beach, it is located between the Port of Maratea and Punta Santavenere. Characteristic is the Darsena, a small natural harbor for small boats.
  • Spiaggia del Crivo: Currently not suitable for swimming and almost disappeared in favor of the construction of the tourist port
  • Spiaggia di Funnicu Reggiu: It is a very small beach, reachable only by sea, which is located under Mount San Biagio. Its name which in dialect means “royal deposit” indicates the place where the goods coming and destined for the Kingdom of Naples were deposited.
  • Spiaggia delle Vranne: In 2016 it was awarded as the most beautiful beach in Italy in the Legambiente competition “The most beautiful you are”. Located between the port and the hamlet of Marina, the beach of Vranne is located under a rocky ridge. It is divided in two by a group of rocks. It can only be reached by boat

Spiagge Di Marina

The hamlet of Marina is the richest in beaches. It counts 11.

  • Spiaggia Nera:Probably the most famous beach in Maratea, it owes its name to the characteristic color of the sand of volcanic origin. Also known as Cala Jannita, it can be reached by car and has ample parking. There are beach resorts.
  • Spiaggia di Illicini: The beach is located on a series of rocky cliffs in front of the islet of Santo Janni. Reachable by land, it is one of the most characteristic beaches of the Maratea coast.
  • Cala Della Vecchia: Located right next to the Illicini beach it is also called Cala Vecchia. It can be reached by land and there are beach resorts.
  • Spiaggia del Macarro: Also known as Cala Grande, it is located in a natural bay. Rich in caves, it can be reached by land and there are several beach resorts.
  • Le Tre Spiagge: the Abissu, Dei Ricci and ‘mpedi’ u Citru beaches are three small beaches that can be reached by land the first and the other two by sea.
  • Calaficarra: it is a small cove that can also be reached by land with the presence of beach resorts.
  • Spiaggia Di Santa Teresa:It is the busiest beach in Marina and is the result of the union of three smaller beaches. It can be easily reached by land, there are beach resorts. 
  • Spiaggia del Porticeddu: It takes its name from the fishermen who came by boat to fish for octopuses. Also worth seeing is the cave of a Judia. It can be reached by land, there are no beach resorts.
  • Spiaggia Vale D’acqua: Located under the Caina tower. It can only be accessed by sea.

Beaches Of Castrocucco

We are in Castrocucco, in the southern part of the Maratea coast immediately before arriving in Calabria.

  • Spiaggia Sotto L’orto: The beach is located north of the Secca and is characterized by beach and rocks. Reachable only by sea
  • Spiaggia della Secca: We are in one of the most beautiful places on the coast of Maratea. The rock is surmounted by the Labanchi Baronial Palace. There is also a chapel which is now deconsecrated. It can be reached by land and there are beach resorts.
  • Spiaggia Della Gnola:It is the largest beach on the coast of Maratea. It is located under the castle of Castrocucco and is characterized by an expanse of fine sand. It can be reached by land and there are various beach resorts.

Le Chiane