Maratea is also known as the “city of 44 churches”. This also testifies to a deep-rooted faith that has been handed down over time and above all to the extraordinary spirit of conservation and aptitude for restoration. The main churches are:

  • Basilica Di San Biagio: San Biagio is the patron saint of the municipality of Maratea. The church named after him is located on the top of Monte San Biagio, right where the original village of Maratea stands.

  • Chiesa dell’Annunziata: The main altar in polychrome marble and the wooden bust of San Biagio are beautiful. The panel of the Annunciation attributed to Simone da Firenze is valuable.

  • Chiesa dell’addolorata: The baroque facade is beautiful. Inside, worthy of attention are a painting of the martyrdom of San Biagio and a deposition of Jesus a wood.

  • Chiesa Madre: The church of Santa Maria Maggiore is located in the central village of Maratea. Characterized by the important bell tower, inside it is possible to admire the altars, one in polychrome marble and one in black marble.


  • Grotta Dell’Angelo: It is located on Mount San Biagio and is considered the first place of Christian worship in the area. It is located in correspondence with the right hand of the statue of Christ.

  • Chiesa Della Madonna Della Neve:It is a hermitage located on a hill near Mount San Biagio. Probably of Byzantine origin.

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