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There are numerous things to visit during a holiday in Maratea. They range from naturalistic beauties, to the riches of the historical and artistic heritage, to places where you can simply spend a good time with your travel companions.

  • Statue of Christ the Redeemer: It undoubtedly represents the main tourist attraction of the Maratea area. Destination for many tourists throughout the year, it is located on the top of Monte San Biagio. With its 21 meters it is second in height only to the Christ of Rio. At the foot of the statue it is possible to admire a unique panorama that embraces the entire gulf. The road you take to get there is also very spectacular. In summer it is possible to reach the parking lot by car a few hundred meters from the statue and proceed on foot or by shuttle service.
cristo maratea
  • Tourist Port of Maratea: The tourist port of Maratea is one of the most characteristic places in Maratea. Almost obligatory stop for sailors who pass through the gulf. It is a place full of colors, where you can have an aperitif, go shopping or stop for dinner in the characteristic restaurants.
  • Grotta Delle Meraviglie: It is a natural cave present in the hamlet of Marina and can be explored for about 90 meters. The stalactites and stalagmites inside are beautiful. It is possible to visit in the summer months or, in winter, by appointment. It is the smallest tourist cave in Italy!
  • Palazzo De Lieto:Seat of the marine archeology museum. The palace was built to be the first hospital in Maratea, today it houses the perennial exhibition of underwater archeology.

What To See In the Surroundings Of Maratea

Leaving the town of Maratea, it is possible to visit some places certainly worthy of interest such as:

  • Trecchina:About 20 km from Maratea, the town surrounded by beautiful chestnut woods, perfect for an excursion immersed in the calm of the mountain. The Trecchina chestnut is used in many ways and in many recipes definitely worth trying like ice cream! The town is also famous for the “Pane di Trecchina”, (bread of Trecchina) a real delicacy.
  • Parco Delle Stelle:Also in the city of Trecchina, there is the “Parco Delle Stelle” amusement park. There are numerous attractions for adults and children. The most characteristic is the “Big Bang” but for the less daring it will also be possible to make excursions into nature.
  • Borgo Medievale di Aieta: Elected among the most beautiful villages in Italy, it is located in Calabria, about 40km from our B&B. Its Renaissance palace, elected national monument, and its alleys where you can get lost in calm and silence are beautiful.
  • La Città Di Sapri: Famous for the revolutionary expedition attempted by Carlo Pisacane, it is a beautiful town that is full of events during the summer season. Obviously famous for the “Gleaner” and for its statue which has recently caused great uproar
  • Parco Nazionale Del Pollino: The largest park in Italy, it extends over 56 municipalities between Basilicata and Calabria and is, since 2015, considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco. You can admire fantastic nature, such as beech forests or the Heldreich Pine, the oldest tree in the world!
  • Museo Naturalistico Del Nibbio: A widespread museum, located under the Norman castle of Morano Calabro. You can contact Nicola for a splendid guided tour.
  • Museo del Cedro: In Santa Maria Del Cedro, in Calabria, a few kilometers from our B&B, it is possible to visit the Museo del Cedro and buy products derived from this exquisite fruit.
  • Parco Nazionale Del Cilento:Another Unesco heritage site, it is located entirely in the province of Salerno and includes numerous places of interest such as the Archaeological Site of Paestum, the archaeological area of ​​Velia, the Cilento coast, the Marine Protected Area of ​​Castellabate and many museums.
  • Cascate Dei Capelli Di Venere: In the city of Casaletto Spartano, a few kilometers from Maratea, it is possible to visit the oasis of the waterfalls of Venus. The landscape to admire is beautiful and it is very pleasant to walk the path that runs along it. 
  • Certosa di San Lorenzo:Also known as Certosa Di Padula, it is located in the municipality of Padula about an hour from our B&B. Declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. The gardens, the large cloister and the prior quarter are beautiful. The spiral staircase leading to the library is certainly worthy of note.
  • Scavi Archeologici Di Paestum:A little over an hour, also reachable by train, you can visit the wonderful archaeological site of Paestum. The Greek temples that can be admired are, together with those of Agrigento and Athens, the best preserved today. The park covers about 120 hectares
  • Battistero Paleocristiano di San Giovanni In Fonti:Near the Certosa Di Padula it is possible to admire this place unknown to most but full of charm and history. The Baptistery is located on a water source so it draws water directly from the source.
  • Parco Archeologico di Elea-Velia:It is located in the city of Ascea about an hour from Maratea. The archaeological area is very beautiful and full of charm. You will be able to retrace the steps of the philosopher Parmenides, of the Eleatic cuola that originated in this very place.
  • Grotta del Romito:Going this time towards the south, about an hour from Maratea, in the municipality of Papasidero, it is possible to visit the Grotta del Romito where it is possible to admire one of the oldest testimonies of prehistoric art in Italy. The most important find is the rock carving of the Bos Primigenius. At the site there are also burials dating back to 11 thousand years ago.

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